ADS Assembly

Kit with all parts and housing, for self-soldering and Drilling. €49.-plus €5 freight, also for several kits. All worth knowing here: required tool: soldering iron, solder Phillips screwdriver, 2 fork Wrench 19mm, 2 Fork Key 10mm. fork, Better Socket wrench, 7mm. 2 Fork Keys 12mm. Sharp knife or emery cloth to free the copper paint wire from the Varnish. Side cutters, Pliers. pin, grain, hammer, Ruler or Push-pull. Drills: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9.5 mm. Peeling or stepping drills for 16 or 18mm Holes. Note: the optional R4 1Megaohm is not included in any kit or finished Device. Dimensions of the holes see BELOW.                              

Kit with all parts, drilled housing, for self-soldering. €69.-

Plus €5 freight, also for several kits.


Kit with all parts, PCB mounted, housing Drilled. €79.-plus €5 freight, also for several kits.              

Finished device "plug and play", figure follows as soon as a device is Ready. €89.-plus €5 freight, also for multiple devices.   Please read carefully the dimensions of the Holes. Start with the 4 small holes on one flank of the housing, opening points Upward. 19mm from above (randomly the width of our steel ruler-1mm Less is also OK and is even better because the RCA Jack comes very close to the "remote-off" connector). Drill with Ø 5mm All 4 holes 25mm, 50mm, 70mm and 90mm measured from the left. Drilling to Ø 6mm for ground connection (25mm from left).  And the Grommet (70mm from the left). 50mm from left hole Ø 5mm remains so, for the Led. 90mm from left hole to Ø 9.5 mm enlarge, for RCA JACK. The image shows an additional bore ø 5mm below the one in a line. This is an alternative hole for the led, which then sits on the board, with short legs. We advise against this, which complicates the assembly. Now drill the holes for the coax Sockets. The hole on the left front side-at the first 6mm bore-is Ø 18mm for the insulated long-sleeve, the hole on the right front side-at the 9.5 mm-hole-is Ø 16mm for the Chassis-Koaxbuchse. Arranged in the Middle. alternatively, The coax sockets can also be mounted on the flank opposite the small holes. Housing Top: each 27mm from the front sides and center (approx. 29.5 mm from the housing Wall) 2 times Ø 4mm Holes. The housing walls are not perpendicular, measure here precisely so that one meets the Center. These two holes determine the position of the board in the housing and are therefore the most important. Lid: No Holes