ADS Antenna Disconnect Switch

An antenna circuit breaker for the protection of sensitive radio systems against atmospheric surges The ADS is a remote-controlled disconnect switch that protects sensitive radio systems from overvoltages on the Antenna. It is inserted into the feed line between the antenna and the receiving/transmitting System. In the inactive state, without supply voltage, in the ads the connection between the antenna socket and the socket to the radio system is separated by relay Contacts. At the same time, the inner conductor of the cable coming from the antenna is briefly closed with the grounded metal housing. When switched on (activated) the line is switched from the antenna to the radio System. Then another 600V arresters (GDT) protects against surge Pulses. The ADS is designed for transmitting services of 1KW in all frequency bands up to 75 mhz. It can also be used at higher frequencies with reduced power and Reception.

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